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Published on December 1st, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Madden NFL Arcade Review

Are you tired of seeing your favorite team stink up the place and play a poor excuse for something we call a football game? Well, now you can unleash some aggression in the virtual world thanks to Madden NFL Arcade. Running you about $15.00, the title brings us 5-on-5 football action with a 60-yard field and being the first to score 30 points, gets you the W.

Gameplay is high paced and with the addition of “gamechangers” (think NFL Street, but with a lot more variety), it makes Madden NFL Arcade perfectly suited for when you want to skip that lame halftime show. These gamechangers put strategy into play, because you can see which one the defense possesses and timing is key. Some of these included in the game are:

  • Fumblitis: Ball will be fumbled by ball carrier, when hit by the defender
  • Frostbite: When used, a player on the opponent’s team will be frozen in place for duration of the play.
  • Flip Flop: Players will switch scores

The game allows you four plays on offense: Run and three pass (short, medium, and long) and four defensive: Blitz and pass coverages (short, medium, and long). Passing to the Running Back, mainly Adrian Peterson, was a very effective way to move the ball down the field and being that there are no first downs, every snap counts. All 32 NFL teams are represented and with fans voting on the players featured in the game, rest assured your team will be taken care of.

The ratings in teams do leave you wondering when they were finalized. Most notable being the Giants at 95 and the Bengals at 67. The Panthers are however at 76, which is pretty accurate…maybe being on the favorable side of things. While the ratings do factor in picking teams, there is not that much of a noticeable difference and with the aforementioned gamechangers, it levels the playing field.

Online play was well done and I experienced no lag while playing. Challenges are initiated easily with a simplified menu, with one of the bonuses is that you don’t have to worry about the other opponent cheating, after all we are playing an arcade title. Here’s hoping the roster updates will be frequent as they are in Madden NFL 10.

Madden NFL Arcade is plain out fun. This title has a high replay value and is worth the $15.00 (1200 MS Points) spent on the title. While entertaining in single-player mode, the deep threat of this game is the online and multiplayer modes. Madden NFL Arcade reaches out to those who don’t want to jump into the X’s and O’s of a highly developed NFL playbook and gives the rest of us football fanatics, a new avenue to pursue. Madden NFL Arcade is currently available on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Rating: 9/10


+Quick paced gameplay

+Smooth transition from single player to online

-Lack of roster control

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