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Published on November 26th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Review

Zombies seem to be everywhere nowadays, when it comes to video games, but The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned has found its place among the crowd. For those who think they have explored Pandora to the edges, this DLC adds robust quests, gameplay, and humor. The $10.00 price tag will buy you around 8 hours of additional gameplay, with the main quest taking up approximately half of that time.

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned can be accessed from a fast travel kiosk, after purchasing the content. Jakob’s Cove is the setting where all the zombie slaying takes place and with the dark and gloomy backdrop, it can at times be difficult to track down all the undead. This can create many and frequent deaths, because everywhere you go in the new content, is zombie infested (borders on Left 4 Dead swarms). Even after losing the lower half of their bodies, zombies will still come for you by arm crawling, spitting slime, and even sporting beer helmets. If you get a zombie headshot, the reward given is their brain, which will become relevant in another quest.


While some of the early complaints are that “This content was way too easy to beat”, it needs to be understood that The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned does not set its base on your character proficiencies. The gamers that will get the best experience with content, are the ones who are even with their progression in the story. So, if you are level 50, expect to blow through this in no time. One of the letdowns about proceeding through the quests, is the lack of spectacular loot.  I for one figured, that by accessing new content, we might be rewarded with some perks compared to others who have not yet done so.

 “Why was Gearbox  announcing DLC before Borderlands released?” While at first, a mystery to me, it now makes sense. You can see that time was put into this content and it just wasn’t slapped together for the holidays. For those who don’t want their Pandorian experience to fade into the darkness, I suggest you visit The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, which is the first DLC in a hopefully long line.

Rating: 8.5


+Increased amount of humor

+New environment

+Great deal for price

-Depending on level, can be too easy

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