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Published on November 25th, 2009 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles review

More and more on-rail shooters for the Wii are starting to feel very FPS-like. Branching out from just simple weapon power-ups, more interactive environments and enemies, they are making a name for themselves and using popular titles as a launch pad. This is also the case for the Resident Evil shooters that have thus far been released. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles allows you to relive and live for the first time some of the events that took place over the years in the series stemming from Resident Evil 2 and even events prior to Resident Evil 4. Although they may not have beaten out the competition of games like Dead Space: Extraction, or match the remake of Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, they have produced a very good looking game.

The game play and controls are some of the better ones that I have seen in a while. There has been a lot of progress coming from the Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles to where we are now. Most of which are the aesthetics to the series and other familiar items that make the visuals look great. The cut-scenes are good, but the voice acting could be a little less cliche. If there is one thing that can truly be said about this game it is how well Cavia/Capcom made sure that it really did bring the environments and various enemies to life. The additional camera shakes and movement tie very well with the action and are not as frantic as Dead Space: Extraction.

Another thing that can be related to Dead Space: Extraction is the upgradable weaponry. Although, in RE:DC, the weapon upgrades tie back into the whole gold and money usage from Resident Evil 4. It ties in both eras of Resident Evil, but it still leaves some familiarity within the older titles.
A familiar scene

The controls in the game are the only real thing that does not reflect the original. The directional pad/joystick allows for weapon switching and assigning during game play. Although most are assigned automatically they can be then changed during the menu screen. Shaking the Wii remote reloads and the A/Z buttons grab items slightly hidden on the screen. Holding down the A button and swinging the remote does a melee attack. This is helpful if you are not ready to shoot when the screen turns and a zombie or enemy is in your face. With the C button you can access the menu which plays out like other menus in the RE series. Green herbs, weapons and first aid sprays are picked up and used here but they can also be applied with the + button.

Another positive aspect about RE:DC when a level has been completed there is a review of the items you found and what titles you have gained. One of the biggest things about titles are the value/replay value. With multiple paths that can be taken, unlockable titles, and characters to choose from, it does give you a chance to play the second or even a third time around.

If you are playing even a first time through the game you might want a friend to blast through the levels and boss fights with. The difficulty level is similar to Umbrella Chronicles during the boss fights. It sometimes even becomes frustrating. Other than that, the smaller details did not really upset.

The remote is a great tool in this case, but would have been better utilized with a Wii zapper, which I did not use. When aiming, the camera pans quickly at some points not really giving the opportunity to shoot. Some time could have been spent in certain areas, but it does help with the replay aspect.
Return of the Tyrant

There are Wi-Fi leader boards. You can upgrade the power and rate of fire of your weapons. There is also a fair amount of customization. It lets you know when you have completed a “title.” With that being said, there is no online multi-player support but it does give the game other smaller confidence boosters.

+Ties in older titles in the series.
+Titles and online leader boards.
+Environments look great and so do the enemies.
+Great weaponry and varied enemies.

-Camera turns quickly without giving time to shoot.
-No online multiplayer.
-Unfamiliar story for newbies.

It is a good game but it does fall short where Dead Space: Extraction set the mark.


Video coming soon!

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