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Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Release Date: November 15, 2009
Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 4
Platform: Nintendo Wii

The New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers plenty of variety in gameplay. While keeping its DS predecessor in mind with the map and level layout, it does update some of the items that are available to either fight for or take them on yourself.

Whether you were a fan before Mario sincerely went 3D, or you were only around to catch him in his prime, New Super Mario Brothers Wii does a great job combining a ton of small details and making this title simply fun. From bringing back the POW block, to riding Yoshi, or even now battling the Koopalings on screen again. It combines the old with the new, but keeps the Wii remote in mind.

The rundown on the controls are simple. While holding the remote sideways, the directional is used to move your character, the 2 button to jump, the 1 button to speed run, and the A to bubble yourself if you are too far away from the other players moving on in the level. I am very glad that they did incorporate the Wii controls as they did in Warioland: Shake it. While holding the 1 and shaking the remote you can pick up blocks, other players, and items that Mario will use . Also, there are extra moves that can be done by shaking or tilting the remote as well.

The items give the game a lot more depth, especially through the expansion from the DS version to the Wii. The various items are the mushroom, small mushroom, fire-flower, ice-flower, spin top suit, the penguin suit, and of course the star. Small things truly make this a worthwhile title. One example would be using the ice-flower in a lava stage and actually being able to shoot out the jumping lava for some extra points. That kind of detail creates an awesome experience and make items more believable. The only items that are not in this version that were in the DS version are the giant Mario mushroom and the turtle body power up, which is one that I can say that I will not miss. The POW block comes back and essentially takes the place of the giant mushroom by knocking enemies out and dropping some coins.

What was done in the first place with the DS version of the New Super Mario Brothers was great. This is also the case in the Wii version. The star coins are placed throughout the levels, but this time, there are hidden “see through” walls scattered, making it even tougher to find star coins and it definitely ups replay value.

Another thing that gives the game some replay value are the extras. In the DS version, star coins were used to purchase other levels and some power ups. The Wii version allows you to use these coins to buy hint and other videos in the beginning at Peach’s Castle, but they still keep the same challenge to collect the 3 throughout the level. This makes it challenging, but also grows the area and places you can visit.

Some of the things I dislike about the game are very minute. When using the Wii Remote sideways, it is really easy to accidentally hit the A button, and bubble yourself while mashing through a level with a friend. If your friend dies you are left floating and the turn is over.

The Koopalings. Glad they are back, but to some players a little more info on these bad guys and their scepters would have fit into the story and made it a little more familiar.

The multiplayer is awesome. It literally takes your character to the next level and makes your timing and power ups all based on another person(s) sharing the screen. Although it adds challenge to the game, it does make for some interesting “zooming” issues when there is a ton of movement on the screen. Wouldn’t some online multiplayer take care of this issue? Would love to see it, but sad to say, there is no online multiplayer available.

[xrr label=”Rating: 9/10″ rating=9/10]

+There is variety in each level.
+Adds on to the Mario-esque style of gameplay.
+Tons of multiplayer fun even without online play.

-Some zoom issues with multiple players.
-Button layout could have used some customization.
-No online multiplayer.

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