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Published on November 16th, 2009 | by Craig Schorling, Editor

Modern Warfare 2: A Cam & Craig Co-op

This review is not GAMINGtruth’s official review and does not correlate to Zuffdaddy’s official review coming soon. Instead, take this as a second opinion.
Call of Duty 4 set the bar pretty high for the franchise. A good question to ask would be: Has Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) met that level or even exceeded it? With a game like MW2 there lies an expectation factor that many believe the game has tied to it. What I mean by this is that people have set expectations for this game and taking chances and trying new things can prove to be difficult. What has Infinity Ward done to raise that level of expectation even further? What chances, if any, have they taken? Read on to find out.

Starting off this game feels very familiar. You are a private first class at a military base and you have to prove yourself. This is done by showing rookies how to shoot your gun and throw frags and then proceeds to the “training course” that will set your difficulty level for you. After one level of somewhat generic gameplay and cinematics the game begins to stand out as its own unique entity. As you stand on the ledge of a frozen mountain range with your good friend Soap the game begins to stand out and take a form of its own. After climbing and jumping across sheer rock cliffs to stealthfully taking out enemies in a blizzard to a snowmobile chase across a giant chasm, the player now knows this is not MW1 all over again. Immediately after this the game takes you to what is most likely the most controversial moments in a game in recent years. In fact, this level is so controversial the game allows you to skip it at no cost to achievements or playthrough completion. If you feel like you could be offended by brutal acts towards humans then, we the editors, advise you to take the option to back out (you can always switch the settings later should you decide to do so). Incredibly enough, the game continues to rise until reaching the peak—around three-fourths of the way through—but unfortunately ends in a very predictable fashion.

What really stands out in MW2 is the variety of gameplay. As soon as you think you have figured this game out it throws something new at you. Let’s start with the weapons. Many of the weapons in the game serve the same purpose and for the most part feel the same. However, there are some weapons and accessories that are just flat out fun. One of the most notable is the predator, which kinda acts like the middle finger of God. It allows you to look over the battlefield and take out anything from vehicles to over 10 enemies at once by using a remote controlled missile via laptop. Also there is a thermal sniper rifle that allows you to use the cover of smoke to fire at enemies unaware. The heartbeat monitor on the side of some rifles allows you spot enemies off in the distance and creates for well strategized attacks or dodging. As stated before there are some fun vehicle moments in the game and with the use of “breach” attacks and well placed cinematic kills the game constantly has a fresh feel to it.

With that being said there are some problems with the game, most of which lie in the story itself. There are several loose ends that are not explained very well and some of the characters and their motives are poorly constructed. The game has somewhat of a rushed feel to it especially towards the end of it. The ending itself is also a little lackluster as it is just a cookie cutter image of the ending to the first Modern Warfare. With so much of the game being unique and of its own it was sad to see the ending fall victim in such a typical manner. Another complaint is that the weapons did not feel like they had much “weight” to them. You moved at the same speed with pretty much all of the weapons and they all seemed to fire in the same way. It would have been nice to feel like each weapon had something different to bring to the table.

At the end of the day MW2 is a game that has lived up to its end of the bargain and has exceeded its predecessor in terms of gameplay and exciting, over the top moments. The storyline could use some work but all in all this is a very well made game that should be played at least once by anyone that is a fan of games and shooters alike.

Final Scores:
Craig: 9.0 out of 10. When I was done with this game I knew there were problems with it but I looked at how much fun and well constructed it was. The American levels were so good and I was not expecting anything like that from the campaign. Also there were some minor moments, with the help of an exceptional soundtrack that truly made me connect with the game. There were times I was angry, sad, or in awe of what had just happened. Anytime a game can do that you have something special.

Cam: 8.5 out of 10. While I basically feel the same as Craig when it comes to how I felt while playing, the smaller issues just served to take me out of the experience too frequently. When I go to movies, I sometimes can’t help but to point out plot holes or lazy connections desperately tying story elements. Too many times the story in Modern Warfare 2 pushed me out of the experience which began to sour the overall experience. I really want to give this a 9.0 simply because I enjoyed it so much, but robbing the player of immersion simply because you can’t keep a story from making sense is no excuse.

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