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Published on November 16th, 2009 | by Craig Schorling, Editor

Braid Now on PSN

Look who has decided to join the PSN family. It is with great happiness that I welcome everyone to Tim the main character in the game Braid. Hothead Games brings the PSN this game that received great praise and accolades when it debuted on the Xbox Live Arcade. The game is a puzzle solving game but not in the traditional way by any means. Through the flow and manipulation of time you will have to solve many challenging puzzles and unlock the mysteries that this game holds. With an amazing musical score and visual art style that is unique and creative this game should not go unchecked.

If you have $14.99 to spend I strongly suggest picking up this title. Games like this one are why we play games and show that games are more than just blowing things up. Welcome to the Playstation family!


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