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Published on October 31st, 2009 | by Daniel David

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Release Date: October 13,2009
Developer: Naughty Dog
Platform: PlayStation 3

This review is going to be short simply because it’s hard for me to find anything negative about such an awesome game. Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is my game of the year and certainly the best game to grace the PS3 this year.

Before I really get started with this review pick up a copy of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune the prequel to Among Thieves. You don’t need to play that first and you can simply enjoy Uncharted 2 but if you have a PS3 you deserve to play that game. It’s also a greatest hit title so you can get it for cheap, no excuses.

In Uncharted 2 you once again play as treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his quest to find the missing fleet of Marco Polo. New and old characters turn up but to avoid spoilers I won’t talk about the story at all but just to let you know that it is very good and all the actors involved deliver outstanding performance, most notable Nolan North who plays the title character Nathan Drake.

Uncharted 2 single player story is one of the best 10-12 hours I’ve ever played. From exploring the streets of Nepal to running and gunning on moving train which is actually moving so you have to adjust your aim accordingly, there is nothing better this year. There is a perfect mix of combat and puzzles to be done and the puzzles are bit harder then the first Uncharted. Throw in a 100 treasures to find you have plenty of content to be satisfied with.

There are multiple difficulties ranging from Very Easy to Crushing so you can beat the game no matter how good you are. Before writing this review I made sure to beat the game on Crushing and damn this game is hard. After beating it I’ll never play it on Crushing again.

To go along with the superb single player is an amazing addictive multiplayer. Naughty Dog created a good deal of variety ranging from deathmatch to the Uncharted style of capture the flag called Plunder, which is great by the way.

To go with good variety of competitive gameplay is the 3-player co-op modes. You have co-op objectives levels from the single player for all three of you to complete. It also has different difficultly settings so three of your friends can try Crushing and be warned, you will die. There is also a survival mode and my favorite Gold Rush where you have to capture the gold and each wave gets harder and harder.

I could go on and on about how good Uncharted 2 is and I would if I wasn’t to busy playing this. You won’t find another game like this and if you own a PS3 and do not own Uncharted 2 something is seriously wrong. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is GOTY, for me anyways and I don’t think too many people will disagree with me.

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