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Published on October 30th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Fairytale Fights Review

These aren’t your cookie cutter fairytales. Developed by the team at Playlogic, Fairytale Fights puts our favorite storybook characters in a whole new demented light.

Taleville is where you call home. While it has many residents, the interaction is little to none. However, you control the fate of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Jack (Beanstalk boy), and the Naked Emperor. The goal of the game is to restore these characters names to fame and of course, spilling blood along the way.

Attacking these enemies, is very simply done, using the controls. Face your foe and rotate the right analog stick to tear them to shreds. Twisted as it may sound, the blood and gore is very well animated in this title. You will often find enjoyment in sliding around in the massive pools of blood spilled by the weapon of your choosing.


While the controls are basic, the camera angles do not seem to follow. In battle, you will find the camera twisting and turning in certain angles that make it very difficult to see what your character is doing. Enemies are often off to the side of the screen, making you play hide and seek, before you destroy them.

The bosses take up a ton of time in Fairytale Fights, however hitting them numerous times can at times be entertaining, due to the many creative ways, they try to end your life. All this is for not however, because you have infinite lives, making the desperation factor all but disappear. While the bosses are a shining point, the supporting cast of henchmen are not. There is not enough variety done when it comes to the “bad guys”.


The visuals are well done in this title. Bright colors and appearances by some fairytale favorites, make this game entertaining. Characters often take on their classic role, but in a twisted light. Goldilocks appears to be strung out on porridge, Hansel and Gretel are conjoined twins, and the Mirror on the Wall is your help throughout the game. With the lush forests and vibrant colors, it is quite shocking, when you realize Pinocchio is trying to kill you.

Overall, Fairytale Fightsis a entertaining game. While this game will not be giving any major titles a run for their money, it has its value. However, I do believe this title would have been better suited as an Xbox Live Arcade title, than one with a $60 price tag. So while Fairytale Fights isn’t for everyone, I do recommend giving it a try and judging for yourself.


+Visuals and music are well put together

+Humorous twist on the classic fairytales

-Combat camera angles at times are confusing

-Character interaction needs improvement

Score: 7.5

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