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Published on October 7th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

PSP Go Review

Sony’s PSP Go is supposed give us a glimpse to the world of gaming without physical media, but it is really that much better than its predecessors?

One of the first things you will notice about the PSP Go, is the reduction in size. The removal of the UMD drive, most likely made this goal a lot easier. With the UMD gone, the user will access games, music, and movies from the Playstation store using a wireless connection. Gamers are required to setup an account to make this happen, but will be pleasantly surprised on how user-friendly the interface is and experience the benefit of reduced load times. The device comes with 16GB of built-in memory and can be increased with the purchase of a Memory Stick (M2) card.

The setup of PSP Go is a much improved design as the lighter feel makes it easier to play for long periods of time. While the button configuration differs from previous models, users will get used to this fairly quickly and won’t hamper gameplay. The controls are hidden away by the sliding screen which unlike similar electronics designs, it is very sturdy. The PSP Go easily slides in your pocket with room to spare which feels great, because the previous PSP felt as if you were carrying a “Zack Morris” cellphone.

PSP Go has incorporated Bluetooth technology which allows you to use wireless headset and even your Playstation 3 controller. MediaGo is a program that is included with your purchase of the PSPgo and makes music, movie, and other media transferring easier by using your computer to do so. One of the notable features of the devices is the Pause Game feature which allows use to keep your spot in the title and watch movies, turn off the device, or even play another game.

However, compatibility and price are two eyesores for the PSP Go. If you have a massive amount of UMD’s, you will be starting from scratch by purchasing this device. This is hopefully a temporary issue, as Sony is working to figure out a solution for us physical media owners. At $250, it is just plain expensive and while I am impressed with the use of digital media, I would think that the cost of not using discs anymore for PSP Go users, would be returned to us in the form of a lower price.

While purchasing a PSP Go is a benefit to the hardcore gamer, who likes their device to actually be portable, I don’t see the UMD fans parting ways with their beloved version until the system to transfer those games is in place.

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