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Published on September 23rd, 2009 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Nintendo : Wishing and wanting

Mario stealing the limelight? It sure does seem like it. Mario Galaxy had a great release followed with great gameplay, and now with Mario Galaxy 2 on its way, along with the new Super Mario brothers Wii, it seems like they’ve forgot about the other stars of Nintendo.
We have already seen the release of Mario Galaxy and Zelda(sorta) on the Wii, but what about the others? Donkey Kong Barrel Blast wasn’t as fun as a barrel of monkeys, but they’re gorillas anyways. In the hopes of this coming 2010, where are the sparkling lights of hope that guide and direct us towards Fox’s ship? Or a breathe of fresh air from a Kirby ::puff::? The only light that seems to have been on is just my Wii-Connect 24 🙁
Although there are missing titles, one game I would like to see come back is Blaster Master, even though I thought the PSX version was great! Ahhh nostalgia.
Give Kirby his own adventure, don’t give Fox his own, although the Gamecube did do a pretty good job on that one . Nintendo has done a great thing by creating new staples along the way so that we didn’t really get tired of what we had previously (i.e. super smash brothers, Pikmin, and Wii Sports), but, the lack of games on the Gamecube should speak volumes and let them know that the time IS now. Kid Icarus even deserves a shot at this, (if you haven’t done so check out the Project Dead Phoenix vid).
I guess the only thing to do is keep waiting and wanting. I just hope that announcements come and the delays don’t continue. For now we just have to hold on to the rumors of Zelda and wait for the coming Mario’s. Stay posted!

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