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Published on September 14th, 2009 | by Daniel David

Final Fantasy Dissidia Review

Release Date: August 25, 2009
Developer: Square-Enix
Platform: PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Final Fantasy Dissidia is a PSP 3D fighting game taking the main protagonist and villains from each Final Fantasy title and letting them duke it out in a wide variety of backgrounds taking from each game themselves.

The story revolves around the heroes who represent Cosmos, the goddess of harmony and the villains who represent Chaos, the god of discord. Chaos’s group has disrupted the balance between harmony and discord which Cosmos has been trying to protect so the heroes set out to find their Crystals under Cosmos’s guidance.

Naturally Dissidia is quite the looker coming from Square-Enix. Graphics are some of the best I’ve seen for a PSP game and the voice acting isn’t bad either. The soundtrack contains remixes and original music from the Final Fantasy franchise which I personally loved. Good news is the soundtrack should be available to buy if you are interested.

What makes Dissidia unique is its approach to the genre. You have two sets of points and attacks to keep an eye on, Bravery and HP. Bravery points and attacks do not take life when you use them. Bravery simply translates to attack strength so the more you have the more damage you deal.

When you attack an opponents Bravery below zero a Break occurs. Each stage has a pool of Bravery points you can obtain when a Break happens which is a quick way to build up strength for attacks. You can also evade and block but some attacks will crush your guard anyway.

The other set of points and attacks you have is called HP. HP attacks do direct damage to an opponents health so the more Bravery you have the more damage HP attacks will do or you will take. It sounds slightly confusing but once you start playing it will seem really simple.

Each character also has an EX mode which you can unleash when you build up a meter next to each character. Once it is filled you can unleash their ultimate attack if you hit successfully with an HP attack. You also have Summons that can give you a stat boost or cripple the opponent for a short amount of time.

This wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy title without some elements of an RPG and in this category Dissidia has packed in tons of content. You are constantly learning new attacks and support actions for your fighter and new equipment. They have something called Battlegen where you gain items and equipment for trading when you fulfill certain battle conditions.

There is a Story mode to go through, different Arcade modes, Duel Colosseum, Time Attack, special Story modes to unlock and tons of accomplishments to complete. You won’t find another fighting game with this much content. The downside is the multiplayer can only be played locally.

What I like most about this game is the use of Bravery and HP attacks and that each character plays different from each other. People like the Onion Knight from FFIII is small and fast but is good with both magic and physical attacks and can chain a lot of his bravery attacks to HP. My personal favorite Terra from FFVI can use magic to keep people at a distance and has some moves good for when they are close. Square-Enix did a good job making each character diverse and you will most likely find a person that fits your play style.

For people who don’t like to grind getting the top armor and weapons is going to be impossible to get. The A.I will just run from you sometimes to especially if they are weaker then you are making it a chore when you are trying to level up. The camera can get a little erratic which can be annoying in close battles.

Final Fantasy Dissidia is nice fighting game for the PSP especially for $40. I didn’t go into everything like the Museum, PP Shop and advance fighting techniques but fighting fans and especially Final Fantasy fans should give this try.

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