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Published on September 11th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Madden NFL 10 iPhone Review

Madden NFL 10 hit the app store this week at the price of $7.99, if you were lucky to purchase it before the  NFL season started on Thursday. For those who waited, the price jumped back up to $10. While this isn’t a game that could go head to head with the console titles, for an iPhone game, it is impressive and even plays better than the one on PSP.

The game is very user friendly, even if you are a Maddenaholic or not. The game puts a Matrix-like spin on football with active control time, which allows you to slow down each play to your advantage, whether on offense or defense. One thing that was surprising, were the amount of plays that were contained in the game. You can even modify plays on the fly by using the hot route feature, in which you drag your finger across the screen, showing your receivers the routes to run.

The commentary, much like its console counterpart, misses the mark. This version will let you access your iTunes library and enjoy your own music, if repetitive lines aren’t your thing. All the controls are pretty responsive with jukes, spins, and speed moves. The problem is that they are too close together in the same area and could cause angry Madden players to play javelin with their iPhone. There are quick and season mode for the hardcore or casual fan. In addition, the team at EA is looking to bring along multiplayer mode and roster updates in the future.

Madden NFL 10 is by far the best football game on the iPhone. EA really did their homework on opening up the franchise to just not the hardcore fans, by making it easy to pick up and play. Do yourself a favor a pickup the Madden NFL 10 app, this season.

Rating: 8.5


  • Loading times are fast
  • Great control interface
  • Route customization (my favorite feature)


  • No online or multiplayer
  • Animations can be shaky at times

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