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Published on August 15th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Madden NFL 10 Review

It looks like EA is blazing up the comeback trail. With Madden NFL 10, the comments about “roster update year so and so” will fade into the background. The title has added a bunch of new features that will grab the football fanatic and peak the interest of the average gamer.

One of these, is the Pro-Tak, which brings more lifelike tackling to the title. This adds in the art of gang tackling, which is more beneficial to the defender. During a game, the user can have up to 9-man gang tackles. Players also have the ability to run up and knock over a gang tackle that is already in progress. With the different types of ball carriers, it brings to life the statement: “fight for every yard”.

Madden NFL 10, also boosts the Online Franchise mode. You will have the ability to run a league with up to 32 teams. The team at EA has allowed us to make changes on the fly to our team, by logging on the EA Sports site and using an iPhone app, which will be available August 18th for free. The online feature will let you team up with a buddy and go head to head against the computer.

The presentation is where Madden NFL 10 shines. Each game starts off with the atmosphere outside and inside the stadium, like Tailgating and Merchandise booths, giving you the authentic feel of a NFL game. If you have surround sound, I recommend you use it for this title. You will hear the stadium noise from all different angles. Madden NFL 10 brought back the Referees(includes all 7) and the Chain Gang. Referees also have meetings on tackles with ball carrier going into the endzone, along with sideline catches. Included is a halftime show called the Extra Point, which shows off all your highlights.

In the visual department, this title is packing a punch. There are new camera angles to choose from and will even show snow and rain on the camera lenses. Players actually react to the environment around them, QB’s will cringe on sacks and when playing in adverse weather conditions, players will slip and fall. New equipment has been added along with captains patches, giving each player an individual identity. Coaches and players will also have their clothing change, depending on the weather conditions.

Overall, this game is a easy pick for best title in the franchise.  While I know fans of this series, pick it up every year, if you are a gamer who sits on the fence and waits every 2 years or so, this is not the time to miss. Look for Madden NFL 10 in stores now on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, and PSP.

Rating: 9.8/10


  • Visuals
  • Game Presentation
  • Online play has been upgraded


  • Commentary still misses the mark

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