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Published on August 12th, 2009 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Who killed the electric sensor bar?

I feel like I am holding an oversized magic wand. Other than that, Wii Sports Resort is definitely one way to improve on Wii gameplay and offer a nice transition from the initial Wii Sports release. Wii Sports Resort is the official addition to the Nintendo Wii Sports series. Although there have been a few knock off sports games that piggy backed or leeched on the Wii’s motion controls. In no particular order; Deca Sports, Deca Sports 2,Summer Sports, Summer Sports 2: Island Sports Party, Pool Hall Pros, AMF Bowling World Lanes, Big Beach Sports, Party Pigs Farmland Games, Winter Sports, Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge, Family Fun Football, and Vacation Sports just to name a few. I think you get my point. At least now, with the Wii Motion Plus addition, we will get controls that are more precise and the hopes that consumers will steer clear of the weaker competitors, hopefully.

The Look: Wii Sports Resort gives pretty much the same look as its counterpart. It does offer a pretty great introduction that shows of the world of Mii’s and the initial motion controls. It is a little more appealing to the eyes than the Wii Sports. Games like wakeboarding and Jet Skiing give us a change to a some different background. They also show off some of the water effects. The scenery offers a nice alternative to the basic tennis, baseball, bowling, and boxing offered in the first. The Mii’s look a little more “finished” but there still could have been some Nintendo finalizing touches to the game.

Mmm, I like: There are a lot more games offered in this edition of Wii Sports. There are also larger varieties of challenges as well as motion controls. The precision is the thing that really sealed me on liking this game. Also, the games are offer a variety of new, but still keep the bowling and golf. Archery and others offer a nice extension of the basics but still give us enough gameplay to keep us occupied and attempting to improve our scores and wipeout challenges.

Hittin’ the sticks: The Wii Motion Plus is a nice transition into a more fluid style of gameplay. Instead of the little frustrations during bowling where you knew you let go of the ball in front of you and not behind you to hear the notorious “ohhhhhhh” from the crowd is pleasing. Other things like the basketball game offer potential moves and motions that could end up creating a very positive experience.

The gamers truth: It’s hard not to like this game. It is however a little frustrating knowing that there is yet another accessory to purchase in order to improve gameplay. Although this one is a little more essential, just knowing that I have to purchase something else because the Nintendo Wii didn’t live up to the initial expectations for motion control. The purchase does give you the extra jacket and Wii Motion Plus, which still is a bigger price tag for something that was included with the initial release of the Nintendo Wii. There is also the minor detail that the sensor bar is basically not essential anymore now that you can play just using the Motion Plus. Other than that, I can see a greater possibility in games and a loss of frustration that would have endured through countless games of Wii bowling. Ahhh, finally all you 20 year olds out there battling your little sisters in Wii bowling won’t get beat endless times because the motion controls aren’t “real enough!” Now, you have no excuse!

Just a quick update: According to the Nintendo website, Wii Sports Resort was reported to have sold over 500,000 copies!

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