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Published on July 23rd, 2009 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

ComicCon How To: Win A Date With A Booth Babe!

So you’re at ComicCon. You’re thinking to yourself “These booth babes are hot, but how can I get a date with one of ’em?”. The Dante’s Inferno team has you covered.

The catch? You’ve gotta be a bit…lustful. Keep your mind out of the gutter, now, what they mean by that is taking a picture with a booth babe. The more pictures you take with booth babes, the more entries you get!

“But Deejay, what do I get for winning?”

Well here’s a quote of what you’ll win:

Winners will receive a dinner with our Go to Hell girls, limo service, paparazzi, and a chest full of booty. All they have to do to enter is commit acts of lust with a booth babe and tell us about it. Every entry counts, so long as it makes it to us by the end of Friday, so make sure to get your entries in as soon as possible!

Here’s the official poster from ComicCon:

Dante's Inferno: Sin to Win

Sound good to you? Get to taking those booth babe pics! Make sure to share the love with us, though! Pics or it didn’t happen!

You can find the Official Rules on @DanteTeam – the official Dante’s Inferno Team Twitter, the Dante’s Inferno Facebook Group or

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