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Published on June 30th, 2009 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Wii Channels have you feelin’ like basic cable? Mii too.

With the promise of a large selection of channels and for the Wii to become an entertainment “hub,” there is no doubt that it has left many of us feeling a little empty handed. From my experience, I could remember picking up my Wii the day it came out. I plugged it in and immediately went to the shop channel to get some games. Even for that matter, it was not available for some time. It’s been a few years since the release and I am still left wondering if there is ever going to be more channels. Umm, I know I’m not the only one waiting for at least something else to pop up.The shop channel, the photo channel, everybody votes channel, check Mii out, the internet channel, and the news channel are the most recognizable.

Disc channel? It was kind of a cool way to tie that into the rest, but it just sounds like a way they have lined their pockets and puffed up the talk about how many channels there really are. There has been talk about an all-video channel, but the most of which we get for now is the Nintendo channel that features content and previews. We’ve got videos, finally! Not having to go to the browser that requires later flash updates to play most videos is better than nothing, right? The only problem is that when you expand them they are grainier than day old sand in your mouth. Is there any solution?

Yes! The homebrew channel. It is basically a freeware application that allows access to other applications that use this hack. If you feel iffy about it, I guess don’t install it and go through the hassle of putting it on an SD card and installing it. But for those of us out there that are looking for a little more than a lite web browser and watching other people vote for a Wookie look alike, it’s a good deal.

I’m not saying that I am disappointed with what’s available, but I am saying that it’s been years, years since the release and I still feel like they haven’t really got into their comfort zone and given us more access. There has to be more out there that puts some of the power back into the gamer’s hands while providing us with just a little more selection.

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