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Published on June 22nd, 2009 | by Craig Schorling, Editor

E3 2009: Wii are Impressed pt. 2


Dead Space Extraction: When Dead Space came out in October 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 it gave a very stale survival horror genre a much needed makeover. Many games in this genre have become predictable and outplayed, or turned in a more action oriented genre (oh Resident Evil what have you become). Dead Space captured what survival horror was and is supposed to be. Every second felt like a struggle for your life, the atmosphere was always dark and claustrophobic, and it reminded us what we enjoyed from these games back in the day. Since then the series has seen several spin off stories and continuations in the form of digital comics and DVD’s. Now the newest installment in this story is Dead Space Extraction for the Wii so let us dissect this game.

Dead Space Extraction is a prequel to the original game and is supposed to tell the story of the USG Ishimura before it became overran with Necromorphs. It is going to be played as a rail shooter much like the House of the Dead games. But make no mistake this is not some arcade style game this is a very deep and engaging story that is being told. The average gamer can expect to get through this game in 10 to 12 hours. I repeat 10 to 12 hours. For a rail shooter that is a long game. Unlike most rail shooters it also gives the player some options to look into nearby rooms for ammo and items as they travel so it is possible to go off rails in some instances.

The controls for the game felt good and smooth and this is coming from someone that does not play much Wii. The remote is used for aiming your weapon and turning it 90 degrees will send you into the secondary fire mode. The “A” button is to use your stasis ability which slows down enemies and “B” is to fire. The nunchuck can be flicked to unleash a melee attack when enemies get too close. One of the features that are very welcomed is the jump in jump out local co op that the game offers which means that you and a friend can dismember Necromorphs into the late hours of the night together. While playing co op both players share a common pool of resources which makes the teamwork aspect very necessary if you want to survive.


Another plus that this game has going for it is that it will feel familiar to people that have played the original. Not only are all the original weapons from the first game in this one but there are some new ones to experiment with. One of these new toys is a gun that can fire electricity causing massive damage to foes. Strategic dismemberment was the overall theme of the original game and Extraction is no exception with this style of play being at the core of this game. Players can look to engage the Necromorphs in the same manner that they did last October.

All in all if you were a fan of the original then this is a must have for you. This is also a very good game that Wii owners have been waiting for and the wait will be worth it. Dead Space Extraction was my vote for best Wii game at E3 and should be on your radar. With an engaging story, great visuals, fun gameplay, and the ability to share all this with a friend Dead Space Extraction will offer plenty to gamers.


Super Mario Bros. Wii: Not one game in the history of all games is as well known or loved as Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I do not think anyone knew that two plumbers would turn the video game world upside down back in 1985. Here we are nearly 24 years later and we are still playing and looking forward to Mario titles. Is it because they tell great stories… no, is it because they present us with ground breaking visuals and gameplay… no, it is because these games are what gaming is all about. Nothing brings out the gamer in us like a Mario Bros. game. They have the ability to take us back to when games where simple. When you played a Mario game everything was straight forward: stomp gumbas, throw turtle shells, and save a Princess Peach from Bowser.

Nintendo announced that this fall they will release a new Mario game for the Wii called New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Unlike games like Mario Galaxy and Mario Sunshine this goes back to its old school roots. It is a simple two dimensional side scrolling platform game. The level design is very reminiscent of the original NES & SNES games. What this game does offer that the others did not have is an incredibly fun and addictive four player co op mode. That’s right you and three of your friends can relive the good old days together.

There is not much to say about this game. Player will take control of Mario, Luigi, and two Toad characters and go through platforming levels at their best. Teamwork is required since players can take powerups that they already have and do not need. Also players with Yoshi can swallow other players and spit them back out which can lead to accidental deaths. When a player dies the remaining players can rescue them by popping the bubble with that character in it as it floats across the screen much like Baby Mario did in Super Mario World 2.


I look forward to kicking back with some of my best gaming buddies and taking a trip down memory lane with this game. The beauty and appeal of this game is that it can be played and enjoyed by anyone. With a simple control set up and linear gameplay this is the kind of game the Wii and Nintendo was built around.

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