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Published on April 28th, 2009 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

If Team Fortress 2 Were An RPG…

When playing Team Fortress 2 not too long after it’s release, there were many occasions where I thought to myself how rich the world could be if it were frankensteined into an RPG. It seems that I wasn’t alone…

User goldenhearted from thought that Team Fortress 2 was due for an RPG makeover, and went onto the monumental task of mocking up the awesomeness that it could be if anyone got around to modding it into reality.

Using Garry’s Mod and Photoshop, goldenhearted created the awesomeness you’re about to see…

Keep in mind that we’re only hosting a couple of images. To see the full series of mock-ups, you’ll have to head over to the Team Fortress 2 RPG Story Mode thread over at

Team Fortress 2 RPG Gallery

Team Fortress 2 RPG Title Screen Shopping at the Hard Hat Cutscene TF2RPG Gameplay Zombie Goasts!

Great work, goldenhearted. Here’s hoping a mod team somewhere gets started on this! GAMINGtruth would be happy to be a part of such solid awesome.

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