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Published on March 12th, 2009 | by Daniel David

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Confirmed For North America

Capcom has officially announced today that the sequel to Resident Evil: Umbrealla Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles is in the works and will launch in North America this winter.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles‘s story is based on Resident Evil 2 and includes the popular characters, Leon S Kenney and Claire Redfield. Its on-rails style gameplay and active camera will create a more immersive “Chronicles” survival experience. As in the last installment, this is a first-person game with extreme shooting gameplay and interactive pathways. Filling in many of the missing pieces of storyline that were not covered in the original “Umbrella Chronicles”, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles will give hardcore fans the chance to re-live some of the most classic moments of the Resident Evil franchise, while allowing new players to take advantage of the intense action-horror experience only possible on the Wii.
Gamers can choose to take on their enemies with the help of an A.I.-controlled character or enlist the help of a friend to fight via two-player co-op. Adding new dimension and strategy to the arcade-style gameplay in the “Chronicles” experience, the new Evade system will utilize the Wii Remote for a more intense experience when fighting enemies.

More good news is that a Wii port of the Gamecube Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil 0 are also on the way. These classics will cost $29.99 when they release this year customized to use with the Wiimote.

I’m excited for Darkside Chronicles but not so much on the Wii ports of RE1 and RE0 especially when the Gamecube version is plenty enough for me.

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