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Published on March 11th, 2009 | by Daniel David

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Revealed

In the latest issue of Famitsu they have the scoop on the next Resident Evil Game for the Wii. Titled the Darkside Chronicles this is pretty much the sequel to the on-rails Umbrella Chronicles.

Darkside Chronicles will feature Resident Evil 2 style Leon and Claire as they attempt to escape Racoon City. Just like Umbrella Chronicles you can expect to see scenarios from Resident Evil 2 and see familiar faces like Sherry Birkin.

There will be improved difficulty settings, in single player you will see your partner on-screen at all times and Capcom is claiming this one will have a better atmosphere so it feels like you’re there.

No release date was announced in the Famitsu article. I like Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii but it felt wrong to me for some reason. The aiming felt a bit off and I didn’t like that zombies can eat shoots to the face and the headshot critical point was so tiny.

As long as they include Code Veronica and RE4 to RE5 scenories to it this time I’m sold.

Source: IGN

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