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Published on March 5th, 2009 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Visit The Pitt – Fallout 3 DLC Gallery

I could spend all day telling you about how awesome Fallout 3 is, but if you don’t already know, you’ve been hiding under a rock.

If you need a bit more incentive to get in on the post-nuclear action, here’s a quick gallery from the upcoming Fallout 3 DLC called “The Pitt”. Check them out and see the kinds of things you could be destroying in slow motion…

Fallout 3’s “The Pitt”

As a side note, the update that was released yesterday for the Xbox 360 and PC editions of the game was specific to DLC, and will be required to play “The Pitt”.

Yes, that’s all it’s for.

Xbox 360 gamers can get the update through Live and PC users can get the update either through Games for Windows Live or from Fallout 3’s official site.

The Pitt drops on March 24th for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows, and will cost 800 points.

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