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Published on February 5th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Halo Wars Demo Released

Halo Wars demo was released today on Xbox Live for all of us to get a peek at the game. This game is brought to us by Ensemble Studios, the folks behind Age of Empires III. In case you haven’t heard, this strategy game lets you control the army of the UNSC warship, Sprit of Fire and battle against the Covenant (or vice versa, depending on what side you choose). This game is actually a prequel to the original game Halo: Combat Evolved.  You start off with the basic single base and the objective is to build up enough resources to be able to attack the enemy. The vehicles (Warthogs, Scorpions, Banshees, and Wraiths) from the original game are available to you for battle use. Using the New Xbox Experience, you and up to 5 other players can wage war and see who is the top dog. If you might not be the person for these kind of strategy games, I suggest you give this demo a try and then see how you feel about it. Look for the game to hit stores March 3, 2009.

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