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Published on January 30th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Driving While Gaming?

Looks like not in Hawaii. The Honolulu City Council has approved a bill banning the use of electronic devices that play games or send texts while operating a motor vehicle. The approved bill has caught a lot of heat for being unenforceable, but the council members are hoping that this is just a stepping stone to a more effective law. Councilman Nestor Garica praised the bill for its ability to help save lives.

Most citizens will abide by it so if we can prevent one accident, whether it be by texting or playing a video game, then the imperfect law on the books will have done its job.

This bill was approved by a 7-1 margin and if approved by the Mayor, will ban writing, sending or reading text-based communication while driving. This also includes instant messages and e-mail for all you lawyers out there. Honolulu police are in favor of a broader ban, because of the difficulty to enforce this one.

We would be unable to determine what a person is doing as opposed from texting, as opposed from downloading, as opposed from utilizing the phone for communication purposes

states Maj. Thomas Nitta, head of the HPD traffic division. Many of these actions taking place were brought on from a September suspension of a Pearl City bus driver who was caught playing a video game while driving (man, I feel safe).  While, I thought we wouldn’t have to have a law for this kind of thing, it proves not all of us can use the built-in common sense feature.

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