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Published on January 28th, 2009 | by Daniel David

Valkyria Chronicles Review

Developer: SEGA WOW
Platform: PlayStation 3 [Reviewed]
Release Date: November 4, 2008

This review got pushed back a bit because of computer problems but I had to make sure this review got out. Valkyria Chronicles in my opinion is the best RPG to hit the PS3 in 2008 with a good story and fantastic visuals.

You start the game off as a young man named Welken Gunther who is returning home to help his sister when war begins to break out in the peaceful country of Gallia. I won’t comment on the story to much to avoid spoilers but it ranges from everything to horrors of war, racism and everyone’s personal reason for fighting. With that said I’ll move on to the meat and bones of the game which is the combat.

Valkyria is different kind of RPG. It could be called a strategy RPG like but the way it is presented will instantly pull you in especially those comfortable will 3rd person shooters. All of the movement and combat takes place in 3rd person with a camera you can rotate to survey the area.

You have meter under you character which drains only when you move. Not to make things to easy if you are within range of the enemy they will fire at you and vice-versa. You will understand how important watching your meter and places to find cover are because you won’t last long in the open.

Valkyria Chronicles Review 1

When you get your squad will have a title of 5 classes available to you and a tank. Each class has there ups and downs which create a perfect balance on the field. When you become squad commander you also can recruit soldiers to your squad.

Recruiting members isn’t simply selecting who has the highest stats which isn’t the case. When you level up a class all characters of that class level up making management on that front easy and managing tank and weapons are simple too. What you have to think about when recruiting is the characters personality themselves.

Each recruit has set of characters they like which grants them stat boast on battlefield and sometimes negatives too. They come with a set of potentials to use in battle like undodgeable shot, pollen allergy and like boys/girls. These potentials can help turn the tide of battle in or against your favor. As commander you can also issue orders to a single unit or everyone in the field.

As you play you’ll start to notice how amazing deep this game is. You the more you play you’ll start realizing things that you didn’t think could play off when you started. The missions themselves are incredible varied to. It also helps that the game is gorgeous to look at especially the cutscenes. The waterpainting look the game has is perfect and each character stands out and have varied designs. Sega was even kind enough to throw in Vyse and Aika from Skies of Arcadia in which is one of my all-time favorite RPG’s.

If you have a PS3 or is thinking about getting one in the future I say this game is a must have even if you’re not a RPG fan. For RPG fans my question would be why haven’t you bought this yet especially since the PS3 isn’t exactly a gold mine of RPG’s right now. I can’t recommend this game enough and like I stated before in the beginning of the review I think it is the best RPG on the PS3 right now, go out and buy it.

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