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Published on January 26th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Bethesda reacts to Fallout 3 criticisms

I think Fallout 3 was a great game with high replay value, but it amazes me that this game has caught so much slack. At least the team at Bethesda is willing to step up to the plate and address the issues. Executive producer, Todd Howard was the man on the hot seat who sat down with MTV Multiplayer.

Complaint #1: “Fallout 3″ is just mediocre when judged as a first person shooter


While he did admit to this, you have to look at the game as whole, because its NOT just a first person shooter. To put a stamp on it on that one aspect is not a fair comparison.

Complaint #2: The ending isn’t very satisfying and much shorter than other “Fallout” endings

Based on the feedback I’ve seen, most people are pissed off that it ends, not the ‘ending’ itself. Maybe that’s one and the same, I don’t know. That’s another thing we’re changing in DLC3 [downloadable content #3, “Broken Steel”]. We really underestimated how many people would want to keep playing, so that’s probably the last time we’ll do something like that.

Sorry PS3 fans you will not be getting the Broken Steel DLC. While the main quest should have been longer, I feel like this game did have a lot to offer with all the side quests and the different ways you could complete them.

Complaint #3: V.A.T.S. is boring once you’re accurate enough to head shot everyone

Depends on what you find entertaining. I like to blow people’s heads off, so, well, it never got old for me. I agree that the ‘to hit chance’ for head shots is probably too high

One question: Who gets tired of the headshots?

Do you feel there were more issues with the game than the ones that were addressed?

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