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Published on January 25th, 2009 | by Brian Browne

Skate 2 Review

To the people developing the next Tony Hawk game: You better step it up. Skate 2 isn’t playing around and the folks at EA/Black Box have clearly not let being on top go to their head. They ACTUALLY listened to the complaints about Skate and made it much better. The game starts off with you coming out of jail and being shown around the town of San Vanalona. Same town as the first series, but was taken over after the disaster by Mongocorp and they of course, are against skating. Which is why they have capped many grind-able objects and stepped up security in areas to prevent you from having a good time. As you progress in the game, you will acquire different friends that can help you out with these issues, the catch is that it will cost you.

One of the features that can turn into a lot fun, is the Hall of Meat. You can instantly bail off your board into objects and/or pedestrians and the great part is that you are rewarded with cash for doing so. Which you can in turn use for clothes, boards/trucks, and properties that are offered to you. They did sample a bit from the plate of the Tony Hawk series and introduced the ability to get off your board (which still needs work) and the ability to move objects around to create your own skating dream or nightmare.

The goals have improved by adding more options and now you can jump directly to them instead of searching for that closest subway to get to. The online mode is robust and virtually a smooth transition from single player. Online mode contains Freeplay, allowing up to six players to shred up certain areas of San Van. You can also participate in races, trick events and competitions to see who can hurt themselves the most during a bail.

All in All, this is an impressive looking game and the skater movement is as realistic as you will find out there, with the exception that your skater handles like a grocery cart when off the board. While I know they haven’t had competition this year, I hope the crew at EA continues to improve and not let their reign as king go to their head.



  • More Challenges
  • World is more open (i.e. Grand Theft Auto style)
  • On-line mode is a massive amount of fun


  • Off board controls are clunky

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