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Published on January 22nd, 2009 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Married by the Master Chief!

Desirai “SickNdehed” Labrada and John “psychovandal” Henry were joined in holy matrimony by none other than the Master Chief. The event took place at Otronicon, an event held by the Orlando Science Center, which just happens to be all about video games.

Man, oh man, do I wish I would’ve had the funds to make it there! Desirai is a friend of mine, and I hate to have missed the wedding, but that won’t stop me from letting everyone else know what happened!

A Match Made in Halo is the couple’s website and gives details on how the fragalicious duo met (spoiler – it was while playing Halo!). Other than being married by the Master Chief himself, how did they sport their Halo love in the ceremony? They had their player emblems sewn on!

Psychovandal sported the sword on his tie:

SickNdehed had hers on her bridal gown:

There were even ODST Groomsmen!

If you want more info, here are a couple places to check:

A Match Made in Halo Photo Gallery [Orlando Sentinel]

*All images used are from the Orlando Sentinel Gallery

‘Halo’ Wedding Video Exclusive – Wedding Prep Finishing Touches [MTV Multiplayer Blog]

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