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Published on January 21st, 2009 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Gears of War 2 Title Update is Live

Gears of War 2 gamers that have played through the campaign have the online modes to look forward to, but the large amount of glitchers and other cheaters may be running them away from even that joy.

If you’re sick of those cheaters ruining your online fun, then the following news may just cheer you up. Gears of War 2’s second Title Update (that’s live right now) fixes a large amount of these glitches.

Which ones are fixed? Check out the list below.

Exploit Fixes

Title Update 2 fixes these possible exploits, where under certain circumstances:

  • A player could melee or grenade tag through certain walls.
  • A player could equip a shield and a two-handed weapon simultaneously.
  • A player could make their shield invisible.
  • A player could become invisible.
  • A player could do a “super” mantle or “kung fu flip,” flying high into the air.
  • A player could gain unlimited ammo with the Lancer Assault Rifle.
  • A player could fire while roadie running (also known as “crabwalking”).
  • A player could pick up a weapon while sliding into cover.
  • A player could walk forward while firing a deployed mortar.
  • A player could force an opponent to be stuck in the down but not out (DBNO) position.
  • A player could prevent other players from picking up a heavy weapon.
  • A player could pick up a dropped meatflag without having to knock him down.
  • A ragdolled player could be killed without ever going DBNO.
  • A player could roadie run while firing the Scorcher Flamethrower.
  • A player could get stuck while evading, though they could continue shooting in any direction.
  • A player could concuss themselves under the stairs on the River map.

General Fixes

Title Update 2 fixes these other issues as well:

  • An issue with client-side hit detection of the Gnasher Shotgun. The fix makes the shotgun more reliable in high-latency situations.
  • An issue where players could have shotgun or Boomshot rounds fire into the ground when shooting from the hip.
  • A split-screen issue where one player transitioning to the death battle camera disrupted input from the other player.
  • An issue that could cause players’ Look sensitivity to be changed to their Zoom sensitivity while zooming in, zooming out, and firing.
  • An issue that could cause players to get stuck if they tried to pick up a heavy weapon while firing the shotgun at the same time.
  • An issue where players could become stuck if they kicked over a shield while ragdolled from a smoke grenade.
  • An issue where bots were unable to kick over a shield that was planted backward.
  • An issue where players who quit during voting didn’t show up in the end game stats, which meant other players couldn’t easily provide negative feedback on them.
  • An issue where players couldn’t chainsaw enemy meatshields if the meatshields were already damaged.
  • An issue where some players would not see the animation of a meatshield being chainsawed.
  • An issue where players could not chainsaw an opposing team meatshield in a game type that doesn’t allow respawns (for example, Warzone and Execution).
  • An issue where a player partway through the act of raising or lowering the chainsaw did not transition into a duel when attacked from the front with a chainsaw.
  • An issue where occasionally a player waiting to respawn could not respawn when repeatedly hitting the left trigger to switch cameras.
  • An issue where some teammates couldn’t communicate between rounds in games type that don’t allow respawns, because dead team members were left in the dead radio channel until the next round started.
  • An issue where a DBNO player could be seen as standing if knocked DBNO while reloading the mortar.
  • An issue where a player joining a Private Xbox LIVE game in progress from another specific type of game could potentially lose HUD functionality.
  • An issue on the Flood map where a player’s dying from Imulsion did not trigger a death message or penalize the player as other environmental deaths did.
  • An issue with Guardian games where if the leader is the last player killed on a team, the round may not end, due to the respawn timer.
  • A campaign issue where the gamer picture would not be awarded when the game is completed on Insane.
  • An issue where a player would continue to fire the flamethrower and damage other players if that player was knocked DBNO while firing it.
  • An issue that could cause a player to get stuck while moving and quickly attempting to aim the mortar at the same time.
  • An issue with Horde games where clients didn’t receive the “waiting for host” message after they failed a wave.
  • A Horde split-screen issue that could cause a team to get –2 billion in score, which when posted to the leaderboards looked like +2 billion.
  • An issue where dead players may not show up in the metadata for multiplayer photos.
  • A system link issue where if a multiplayer match and a co-op game were hosted at the same time on the same LAN, neither could be joined.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.

And that’s not where it ends, either. There are a bunch of other glitches that were fixed, and you can check them out at the official Gears of War 2 forums by clicking the link below.


Title Update #2 Has Landed [Epic Games Forums]

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