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Published on December 9th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Gears of War 2 Went Triple Platinum In A Month

Wow. Games generally sell a decent amount, but most titles never get to one million sold, let alone three.

Don’t believe me? Mark Rein, Epic Games’ Vice President, said the following in an email recently:

“Microsoft [the game’s publisher] confirmed to me this afternoon that Gears of War 2 sell-through surpassed 3 million units as of last week.”

2006’s original Gear of War took around ten weeks to hit the same mark. Gears 2 did it in four.

Let me just say: yes.

While there are a couple small issues with the multiplayer (which have mostly been patched out) and there are some “summer blockbuster” lines (Ten $h!4loads? Seriously?), this is a game that is definitely worth the price of entry.

To know that it not only sold well, but outpaced the original in sales – especially in this economy, says tons about Epic’s latest masterpiece.

Confirmed: Gears 2 Passes [Edge]

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