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Published on November 21st, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Meet Rogue: The First In-Game Web Browser

“Screw you, Alt+Tab!” That’s not my personal feelings about the keyboard shortcut, but if you’re a big MMO gamer, or a gamer who does a lot of waiting and web surfing during your PC games, this one’s for you.

GotGame has launched Rogue, the first in-game web browser. With a decent stack of features, idle MMO gamers will have nothing to worry about. Want to find the latest tips on how to find a boss, or where to locate the next item for your potions? Maybe you’d just like to check your email. Hit the hotkey to open Rogue, and off you go.

You can download Rogue and give it a try at

Have a look at the gallery below, and the Press Release follows.

Rogue Gallery


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 20, 2008 – GotGame, the company that enables gamers to access the in-game content they desire, today launched Rogue, its highly anticipated web browser.

Gamers spend a quarter of their time in game waiting for teammates to log in or games to load.  They want something to do during this downtime, but exiting or minimizing the game means missing critical action.

GotGame Rogue eliminates this waiting game, enabling PC gamers to surf the web via a fully functional web browser without ever leaving their favorite games.  Players can navigate to Wowhead to obtain information about items in World of Warcraft, or pull up Hulu to watch movie clips between Counter-Strike rounds; these are just two of the countless options available.

“By offering an excellent in-game web browser, GotGame is unlocking the door for gamers to explore all of their favorite websites, while they play,” said Win Betteridge, CEO of GotGame. “The possible ways that gamers can use Rogue are as broad as the Internet itself.”

In order to use Rogue, gamers simply download the application at  Gamers can then launch Rogue before or during their game, as they would any other desktop application.  By hitting a hotkey, users can overlay the application in their favorite games; the browser will appear as though it were a part of the game itself, without disrupting any in-game functionality.

The application is optimized to impact the gaming experience as little as possible.  Gamers can set the browser’s transparency so the entire game screen is still visible, even if the browser is open.  This means that they can, for instance, watch online videos overlaying their game at 50% transparency, while at the same time “grinding” for experience in Age of Conan.

Rogue previously functioned as a part of GotGame’s LIVE application. The choice to launch the web browser as a standalone application comes from an immense quantity of positive feedback from LIVE’s beta testers.

Rogue’s Notable Features:

  • Game overlay for Windows XP & Vista
  • Full CSS, JavaScript, and Flash support
  • Editable homepage and bookmarks
  • GotGame Search powered by Google
  • Hot key to open/hide browser when in game
  • Configurable transparency settings
  • Optimization toggle for faster/slower computers

About GotGame

GotGame enables gamers to access the content and community they crave through a variety of in-game applications and Internet content portals.  Through the LIVE and Rogue downloadable applications, GotGame offers gamers advanced communication, browser, and content delivery tools they can use inside of the most popular PC games.  GotGame also operates the GotGame Network, which includes one of the most exciting gaming video-sharing sites (, a widely-read gaming news site (, and the largest syndicated radio show about gaming in the world (  GotGame is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genesis Interactive, Inc.

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18 Responses to Meet Rogue: The First In-Game Web Browser

  1. tr3Ks says:

    That should have been out forever ago. but thank god it is.

  2. tr3Ks says:

    That should have been out forever ago. but thank god it is.

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  18. minki says:

    It doesn’t exist anymore… I wanted to try this out with Final Fantasy XI (I don’t like the game, just BST and friends. I’m waiting for another Phantasy Star Online game to be released) with full screen mode. Oh well. I just wish all PC games were built with in game web browsers.

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