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Published on November 19th, 2008 | by tr3Ks

Gears of War Rank System Clarified

I know alot of people are wondering exactly how the rank system in GoW2 works. Well it just so happens that SixOkay just posted an update giving a little insight into how you actually rank up and how it all works.

From Epic Official Forums:

“Q: I’m not ranking up – I’ve been playing and playing, but my rank has stopped going up. Why isn’t my rank changing any more?
A: Your rank in Gears of War 2 multiplayer is based on your TrueSkill rating, which calculates the relative strength of all players on Xbox LIVE. There are five ranks total, and the first rank is achieved after you play your first multiplayer match. The more Gears 2 matches you win, the higher your rank will be, and your rank will go down when you lose matches. Rank is not affected by Horde Mode and private matches.”

So since I’m rank 4, ive got to win alot more matches and get a higher kill rating to increase my overall stats in order to go up any further….and if you don’t play for a little while you can drop ranks! Its similar to Halo 3’s ranking system, only they had an overall # system instead of a 5 icon system.

I hope the clears up some questions, I know it did for a few of my friends already!

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