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Published on November 3rd, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder


Looking for Mirror's Edge Time Trial Codes?


Unfortunately, we’re out of codes! If we get more, we’ll update this post here.

Original post follows:

If you haven’t played the Mirror’s Edge demo, you really need to do so right now. Either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, if you’re connected to the ‘net you need to get this demo.

I’ll give you a minute to go start the download…

Still waiting.

Welcome back! Once you’ve given that demo a playthrough or two, you’ll likely be interested in the “Race” option in the main menu. You’ll see “Play Time Trial” and “Leaderboards” in there, but if you don’t have a preorder code, you can’t do much with those.

Consider this an intervention. I’m here to help you with that problem!

The first four people to email me via the Tips page with a subject of “I Want to Win a Code!” will get an email in return with a Time Trial Code! You’d better act quick, as I only have four of them!


These codes may not work on the PS3, but I haven’t heard of any codes not working.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Deejay has been a gamer since the Atari 2600, has wrestled–and defeated–alligators with only his toes, and once aligned all the planets in the Solar System by uttering the words "Coo Coo Ka-Choo". In his sleep. He currently bides his time behind the scenes here at GAMINGtruth.com, streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/deejayknight and teaching.

  • karyochi


  • karyochi


  • Mike

    Yeah I was sad to miss out on this too.. the demo was pretty sick, and I've heard the time trial is fun.

  • Mike

    Yeah I was sad to miss out on this too.. the demo was pretty sick, and I've heard the time trial is fun.

  • karyochi

    yep, you can even race against gost… i didnt knew that… pwnzz arses XD anyways within 10days i'm able to buy the game so…

  • karyochi

    yep, you can even race against gost… i didnt knew that… pwnzz arses XD anyways within 10days i'm able to buy the game so…

  • Im sad

    Found this post a little too late

  • Im sad

    Found this post a little too late

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