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Published on October 28th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Saint's Row 3 Confirmed!

It seems the well-loved sandbox title Saint’s Row 2 will be seeing another sequel – a fact that will go over swimmingly with fans of the series.

In an interview with, Saint’s Row 2’s Associate Producer Dan Sutton lets the cat out of the bag:

The last game had a very ‘open’ ending. Can we expect something similar with SR2?

Well, we knew a lot of people were upset with the last one because they were playing it and it was like “oh gosh, I’ve got to wait for the next one”, but in SR2 we tie-up a lot of loose ends. I think we tie it up deliberately. We’ve already started work on Saints Row 3, and we have a new direction we want to go in with that which we of course can’t talk about. We wrap up a lot in this one. There’s no frustration.

So… Saints Row 3 will take a very new direction?

I think so, yes.

It was a subtle bait and switch on’s part, but it’s one that is likely to have gamers drooling. Saint’s Row 2 is definitely an awesome game (expect a review soon from yours truly), and gamers the world ’round likely want in on it.

In the meantime, I’m anxious to see what they have coming as far as DLC for SR2, and Dan touched on those a bit as well:

Definitely we have them, yes. We haven’t announced them yet, but we are looking at bigger stuff definitely. Like we had the ho-ho-ho pack, clothing, that kind of thing, now we’re looking at multiplayer maps, another story arc, new characters. We’re looking at a lot more scope, and I know we’re going to come up with a lot more.

Whatever they’re planning, here’s hoping it’s faily low cost. It would even be nice to get sponsored DLC like Gears of War did, if only to keep the multiplayer base from splitting into the haves and have-nots.

Any way it goes, more Saint’s Row is always a good thing. What do you think? Are you anxious to get your hands on the next title in the series?

Dan Sutton on Saints Row 2 []

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