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Published on September 16th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Pub Games Glitch Intentional? Molyneux Speaks…

Recently, IGN had a bit of hands on with Fable II. Three hours of gameplay to make up their preview, in fact.

While their time with the game isn’t too surprising, there’s something else about the preview that could prove a bit ‘different’ for some gamers. While talking about buying real estate in the game, an interesting bit of info reared it’s head:

Buy the local bar and you can make beer free. No, you won’t earn any cash, but the whole town will be sauced and everyone will love you. Ah, but how can you buy a bar so early in Fable II? Well, you can bring in your money from Fable II Pub Games. You may even have used the well-known cheat to earn your dough. Just be warned. Molyneux has said that the cheat was no accident and that those who used it to earn their money will be in for a surprise.

Now, considering thea fact that Peter Molyneux is a fan of permanently marking ‘evil’ players in-game, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see an evil sort of marking on those characters that resulted in transferring over ‘cheated’ money. Maybe, those players are cursed to be a Balvarine…

I, for one, am definitely interested in seeing whether or not this happens. As an owner of Pub Games, I know it isn’t exactly easy to earn money in that game.

What do you think? Would it be worth having a bit of extra ‘glitched’ money to have a permanent evil marker on your character? What if you got a permanent ‘good’ marker for getting money the honest way?

Time will tell, but I’m sure it’ll be awesome either way!

IGN: Fable II Preview.

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