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Published on September 9th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Rumor: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories For PS2

Kingdom Hearts fans looking for a fix might be pleased in that the 3D remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories which released on the Gameboy Advance might be releasing on the PS2 outside of Japan.

According to Kotaku an anonymous source told them what they saw at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas:

Once Square-Enix was up, there was a small mention of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. When asked if it was the one that was included with Final Mix II in Japan, they confirmed it with a nod. There hasn’t been any official announcement through Square, just a small mention… 

The remake of Chain of Memories first debuted as a part of Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix which was released only in Japan. Square-Enix could decide to release KH2: Final Mix outside of Japan or release Chain of Memories by itself.

This is only a rumor combined with my specualtion but I remember petitions to Square-Enix in hopes of bringing KH2: Final Mix outside of Japan and I think fans will defintely buy whatever version they plan to do if there are plans that is. I know I will.

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