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Published on September 4th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

"Get Some" with the Mercanaries 2 Viral Achievement

If you’re a fan of achievements – there are some gamers who don’t like them, it’s true – you might be interested in the viral Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Achievement: “Everybody Wants Some!!

The catch to this 50 point achievement is that to unlock it, you have to play a co-op game with one of the Mercenaries 2 developers. Since this is a viral achievement though, once you’ve played with one of the developers you can then give it to whoever you play a co-op game with over Xbox Live.

Yes it sounds disgusting, but that doesn’t make it any less fun!

Now the true Achievement junkies are wondering “How am I going to play with a developer to unlock this achievement?” – and you have an answer. Luckily, Pandemic let loose the gamertags that will be involved in the kickoff of this achievement. Here they are:

  • MercsDev1: James Wahlquist, Designer
  • MercsDev2: David Padron, Junior Technical Artist
  • MercsDev3: Jeremy Swigart, Programmer
  • MercsDev4: Albert Lo, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev5: Ali Zandi, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev6: Manny Diaz, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev7: Ed Kim, Programmer
  • MercsDev8: Scott Warner, Lead Designer
  • MercsDev9: Drew Marlowe, Designer
  • MercsDev10: Brad Welch, Senior Designer

You’ll have from this Friday until September 12th to lay waste to your bounty in Mercenaries 2 with these developers, so if you have the game you might want to spend a bit of time online to try and get this achievement. Who knows if they’ll ever get back on with these gamertags again?

Only one way to find out: Get the achievement while it’s going on!

Hopefully, I can get my hands on this one before then. I’m not one to deny achievements!

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