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Published on August 14th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Burnout Paradise to be Available for Full Download on PSN

Hot on the heels of Warhawk, Criterion Games has announced that Burnout Paradise will be available for download over PlayStation Network this fall.

A quote from their site says it all:

This is incredibly exciting news for us. It obviously means you’ll be able to get Burnout Paradise however you want. Pick it up in your regular games retailer or kick back in the comfort of your own home and download it from the Playstation Store. And the laziest of us will appreciate not having to get up to switch games or remember where we left the disk!

And so it starts; okay, maybe not so much. This type of full game download is fairly reasonable, as the title is available in stores and the $29.99 price tag means that it’s cheaper than the $59.99 price tag we see on current gen games. Not at all least to mention that this title has been on the market for seven months.

This can be a good thing for gamers, but retailers could have a bit of a problem if publishers start to dual release titles both online and in retail, as that possibility could cut into their profits.

We’ll see how it goes this fall, when you’ll have the chance to pick up Burnout Paradise on the PlayStation Network!

Criterion Announces Burnout Paradise Full Game for US Playstation Store in Fall [Criterion Games]

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