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Published on August 11th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Warhawk v1.5 Details

Dylan Jobe of Incognito wrote a nice lengthy post on the Playstation Blog about the new free update that coming out which will be v1.5 for Warhawk. Head over to the PS Blog for the full rundown but I’ll summarize the new features here.

  • Custom in-game music
  • Trophies
  • Training tutorials for beginners
  • Retract clan invites
  • New paint and insignia schemes
  • GGL ceremonial blades for a select few
  • Server color coding for rookies, official hosted servers and games launched from Home

The level of support for this game is fantastic and each update always brings me back for me. I know rumors of a jetpack being in this update are nowhere to be find but I wouldn’t rule it out yet. At the end of post Dylan Jobe said:

Some of you may have read some rumors about our next Booster Pack…I can neither confirm nor deny anything…at least for right now :) Keep your eyes peeled for an update here on the blog and the media coverage at Leipzig which is right around the corner!!!

Last hint…and this is an easy one:

With one of these equipped, a soldier can escape quickly…even bail out if needed!

You tease. We’ll figure out at Leipzig which is in a couple weeks. Warhawk v1.5 releases August 27th.

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