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Published on August 5th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Warhawk Trophy Patch Releases August 27th

The UK Playstation website revealed details about the next patch for Warhawk v1.5 which will bring trophy support into the mix. This patch is expected to release August 27th and contain 50 trophies in all. Some trophies are retroactive.

Full details below, enjoy:

Community Building Trophies
These trophies encourage supporting or participating in the community at large, including:
– Bandwidth Donor: Host a ranked dedicated server for four consecutive hours.
– Rivalry: Win a clan match (red server) as either clan leader or a regular member.

Game Mode Trophies
These trophies are based on specific game modes, such as:
– Lone Wolf: Play a perfect Deathmatch (first place, no deaths).
– Survivalist: Survive for one minute as the hero in Hero mode.

Vehicle Trophies
These trophies are awarded for exemplary performance with vehicles. These include:
– Taxi Driver: Help a teammate capture the flag (in Capture the Flag) or cores (in Collection) by transporting him back to the base, using any vehicle.
– One In A Million: Shoot down an enemy aircraft using the tank’s main cannon.

Warhawk Weapons Trophies
These trophies are awarded for exemplary performance with Warhawk weapons, such as:
– How Did You Do That?: Destroy an enemy aircraft with a Cluster Bomb.
– Tail Shaker: Destroy an enemy aircraft with an Aerial Mine within five seconds of deploying it.

There are also Trophies specific to Omega Dawn and Broken Mirror booster packs, as well as a number of hidden Trophies across all the sub-categories, so there’s plenty to keep you blasting away for a long time.

As well as PlayStation Trophies integration, this new update also supports custom music tracks from the Home Menu, 20 new aircraft paint schemes and 50 new insignias selected from the SCEE paint schemes and insignias contest, and a set of playable training tutorials to help new players learn and practice before going online to do battle.

Available to download for free on August 27, 2008, Warhawk update 1.5 is the perfect present for all Warhawk fans – and if you’ve yet to experience its fast paced action, there’s never been a better time.

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