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Published on July 16th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

"Wanted" Game In Development

While it’s not surprising to me that this is announced, Warner Brothers has announced a game based on the hit movie “Wanted”.

The film tells the tale of an utterly unremarkable man with an office job who is conscripted by a secret order of assassins to kill a former member of their guild.

Running with this setup, the third-person shooter will drop players into the shoes of the film’s protagonist, Wesley Gibson, and pick up where the movie left off. Players will be able to utilize many of the abilities Gibson developed throughout the course of the film–such as curving bullets and slow-motion “Assassin Time.”

Well, those who’ve seen the movie know it was pretty badass (for those who haven’t seen it yet, what’s taking so long?!), and it’s definitely prime for a game, considering the Dragonball Z style jumps and the curving bullet concept.

Having said that, I really hope the dev team is a capable one. The best game based on a movie was Escape From Butcher Bay, and there haven’t been many worthy attempts in quite some time. Wanted, while differing from the original graphic novel, would be a great game to get right.

E3 2008: Warner Bros. GRINs at Wanted [GameSpot]

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