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Published on July 15th, 2008 | by Daniel David

E3 2008: EA Press Conference

EA took the stage later today and had a few announcements of their own.

Ea announces SimAnimals for the Wii and DS. This is basically the Sims with over 60 animals you can control and the world they live in. It should release sometime early next year.

The Sims 3 is next and they reveal that the Sims 3 will have the most complex characters in a game. If something happens in one part of the town it affects the other side of town. The Sims 3 will arrive sometime next year.

After that they demo live Dead Space Mirrors Edge and NBA Live.

EA announces All Play which is a series of sports games for the Wii.

Nucleus/Rupture is announced which is a service that is essentially EA’s gamercard that you can share and track your friends gameplay with no matter what system they have the game for.

Bioware, now part of EA reveal Dragon Age: Origins which is the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate for the PC and somewhere down the line for consoles. In this game you can be a hero, tyrant or martyr.

They show off Left 4 Dead which now has a release date of November 4 for the Xbox 360 and PC.

To close the show they announce a new partnership with Id which EA will now publish for with Id’s Rage being one of titles that benefits from this new partnership.

That’s pretty much it I’ll try and post the videos for the games they demoed live like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge both which look awesome so far.

Source: Joystiq, Kotaku

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