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Published on July 14th, 2008 | by Daniel David

E3 2008: Square-Enix Press Conference

In case you haven’t read our coverage of Microsoft’s press conference at E3 or heard it at all on the internet is that Final Fantasy XIII will be heading to the Xbox 360. Square-Enix in their own press conference today explained the move.

When asked by journalist today about why the decision to make Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform Square-Enix executive   Shinji Hashimoto said that:

We considered the hardware situation. Because of that, we considered the spread of the hardware, so that’s why we decided that.

I figured the install base of the Xbox 360 in North America and Europe had some factor in this decision which is likely why in Japan Final Fantasy XIII will stay exclusive to the PS3.

Content for both versions of the game should be the same with no differences planned right now. When asked about Final Fantasy Versus XIII Hashimoto said that the game is still exclusive to the PS3.

Question: Motion controls?

Kitase: “No, we have no plans.”

Question: “Will FF Versus 13 be multi plat?”

Hashimoto: No.

Question: FFXIII uses a properitary engine. Correct me if I’m wrong, that’s the last time, it will be used.

Hashimoto: “We haven’t made any changes about that.”

That’s pretty much the important information from the press conference. Other questions like how many discs will FFXIII need for the Xbox 360 and what versions they think will do better went unanswered.

One important thing to note that right now Sqaure-Enix is working on getting the getting the Japanese release out and then will work on localization and porting it over to the Xbox 360.

I hope the Japanese release comes with an English language option because I would just import the thing because I think its going to be quite a wait for this come in North America and especially Europe.

Source: Kotaku

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