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Published on July 14th, 2008 | by Daniel David

E3 2008: Microsoft Press Conference

With Microsoft’s press conference wrapping up not to long ago I’ll summarize the whole event including a bombshell at the end that nobody saw coming and I expect a huge explosion on the internet to follow.

Microsoft started the event with a live demo for Fallout 3. It was revealed that you can play in either first or 3rd person and play in real time or using the new VAT system. They also showed off some weapons like the portable shoulder nuke, shotguns and machine guns. The big announcement here is that Fallout DLC will be available exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows.

Resident Evil 5 was next out of the gate with a live demo of the game shown. It has been confirmed that online co-op will be in the game with the other player taking control of Sheva Alomar. Sheva works for the same people that Chris does called the BSAA but for the African branch. The game will ship worldwide March 13, 2009.

A live demonstration of Fable 2 was shown introducing how to play online with a friend works. You basically step into these purple orbs which shows the game your friends are playing and you are taken there right away. Pretty cool and seamless as well. Fable 2 will release in October this year.

Cliff B showed of a demo of Gears of War 2 showing of a level and some of the new weapons like the flamethrower and enemies with a swinging mace you have to take down. A new 5-player co-op mode called Horde was revealed where you and your friends go up against waves of enemies you have to defeat. Gears 2 will ship November 7th worldwide.

On the video service front. Microsoft announced that NBC Universal content has been added and is available today. For Europe MGM and Constantin content is available starting today. They also announced an exclusive deal with NetFlix, if you are a member of NetFlix you can bring it all over to Xbox Live for free. You can also share movies over NetFlix with friends.

If you remember rumors of a new Xbox Live interface it made its debut today. The new interface goes hand in hand with Microsoft’s new Avatars. This looks a lot simpler and casual in nature. They showed off the avatars and explained how you can customize and really personalize them to your taste.

With the new interface comes new features and options. The Community channel will show avatars of your friends who are online. Xbox Party was announced where you can share pictures and other things with friends who are in your party.

Xbox Party will also let you and your friends travel together and play games in the new Xbox Live Primetime. Primetime is TV shows like 1 vs 1000 where you can play against your friends and other people over Xbox Live and win real prizes. 1 vs 100 was confirmed to release exclusively for the Xbox 360 this fall.

The new Games channel will feature games like the newly announced Uno Rush and the game leader in the party can take everyone there at once.

On XBLA Geometry Wars 2 will announced as exclusive to the system as well as Galaga Legions, a South Park game and the awesome sequel to Portal called Still Alive all which should be exclusive. The original Banjo will release over the Xbox Originals in the future.

Expect all of this stuff and the new interface to release this fall.

Scene It! Box Office Smash will announced today and will let you use your avatars in the game.

A new game announced today called You’re In The Movies will use the Xbox Live Vision Cam and you will participate in a variety of mini-games to make a movie or just play mini-games if you like. The Directors mode will let you edit movies you make and share them over Xbox Live.

Lips was unveiled proving the rumors true that the mic is motion sensitive and also lights up as you song. Lips will also let you sing songs from your own collection, now that is hot.

Guitar Hero World Tour shows off the new drum set with symbols and touch slide guitar. Xbox 360 owners will get the REM trackpack first and Van Helen and The Eagles are exclusive to World Tour. Metallica DLC will debut the same day as their new albums releases which is called Death Magnetic.

Rock Band 2 is confirmed to have 84 master tracks out of the box when it releases first on the Xbox 360 this September. There will be 20 bonus tracks free this fall and all the DLC for Rock Band 1 is forward compatible. You can also export all the songs from the first Rock Band to Rock Band 2.

Square-Enix president Yoichi Wada takes the stage to reconfirm launch dates for the exclusive Infinite Undiscovery and revealed the launch date for Last Remnant which will release first on the Xbox 360 November 20th and was announced for Games for Windows as well. Star Ocean is planned to release sometime around Spring 2009 but it was not confirmed exclusive.

The biggest news and the source of the explosion on the internet is that Wada creep back on at the stage to announce that Final Fantasy XIII will release on the Xbox 360 in North America and Europe, no word on Japan. Wow nobody saw this coming.

This wraps up Microsoft press conference which focused a lot on the casual audience and ended in the bombshell that Final Fantasy XIII is indeed coming to the Xbox 360. Very good press conference and I still can’t believe FFXIII is multiplat now. That announcement alone may be shocker of E3 this year.

We will be covering Nintendo’s and Sony’s press conference and stay tuned today for more news coming from E3 today.

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