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Published on July 8th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Pre-Order Fable 2 and get Pub Games Free

Yes, the headline is what you read it to be, pre-ordering Fable 2 will net you a free download of the Fable 2-related XBLA title “Pub Games”.

Don’t know what Pub Games is? For the uninitiated, it’s an Xbox Live Arcade game based on Fable. The coolest part about it though, is the fact that the money earned with Pub Games can be transferred to in-game currency in Fable 2. Talk about cool.

I’m a major fan of the original Fable, so I’m a bit impartient to play this one. Earning in-game currency while not in-game sounds cool enough to boost my enthusiasm for this one!

For the full scoop on Pub Games and the free preorder, check out the press release below.

Press Release follows:

Lionhead and Microsoft Game Studios Give Gamers Head Start to Pad Their Fable II Bank Accounts

Pre-order a copy of “Fable II,” and earn or gamble away in-game gold via Xbox LIVE® Arcade Fable® II Pub Games in preparation for the game’s full retail launch later this year.

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios today announced that consumers who pre-order a copy of the Xbox 360™ exclusive, “Fable II,” at participating retailers worldwide, will be given free access to download the “Fable II” Pub Games when they are released this August. Available exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade, fans can transfer the gold earned in these casino-style mini-games to the world of “Fable II,” when the game is available later this year.

The final names of the Xbox LIVE Arcade “Fable II” Pub Games (which will be available as one download) are: “Keystone,” which is a combination of Craps and Roulette, “Spinnerbox,” which is an updated take on slot machines, and “Fortune’s Tower,” which is a press your luck style of game. The download will also include a Shell, which is a tutorial of all three games.

Now and for the first time ever, “Fable II” fans can get a head start on their virtual experience, starting their long awaited quest through this sequel with gold in the bank and the ability to purchase items right off the bat, such as weapons, clothing, houses, dog tricks and more – an experience that can only be found on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The “Fable II” Pub Games will also be available for purchase over Xbox LIVE in August for those that do not pre-order “Fable II” for 800MS points.

Lionhead and Microsoft Game Studios also announced details of a limited collector’s edition of “Fable II” available for pre-order at retailers worldwide, for a suggested price of $79.99 USD. The limited collector’s edition includes: a bonus disc with a new behind-the-scenes making of video, collectible Hobbe figure, a LIVE trial card and additional in-game content (an Xbox LIVE account is required to access the limited collector’s edition bonus in-game content). The “Fable II” standard addition is also available for pre-order at a suggested retail price of $59.99. “Keystone,” “Spinnerbox” and “Fortune’s Tower” will also be embedded as part of the full retail copy of “Fable II” (limited collector’s and standard editions).

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