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Published on July 2nd, 2008 | by Daniel David

Firmware v2.40 Live

At last in-game XMB and the trophy system is ready for your downloading pleasure. To my surprise it didn’t even take me long to download the firmware update.

The first game to officially support trophies is Super Stardust HD which is a game you should have already and a perfect time to get it if you don’t. You have to download and install the patch first for trophy support if you already own the game.

After playing with this the in-game XMB works like a charm although it is a tad bit slower when using it in-game. For people who want custom soundtracks your going to have to wait for the developers to patch the game for it to work and I hope its soon.

Developers need to get cracking on releasing patches for trophy support. I’m sure a lot of gamers are going to play a lot of their older games again for some trophy love and if possible I hope some developers follow Criterion’s lead and awards trophies that are tied to your PSN ID retroactively.

Feel free to leave your impressions of this update below. I’m happy with this update and I hope developers start working on patching older games for trophies and custom soundtracks so we can get them soon.

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