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Published on June 27th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Soul Calibur IV Features Revealed

This is my favorite fighting game and these new set of features is going to make the wait left hard to bear. In the latest issue of Famitsu they have revealed a lot of new features for Soul Calibur IV.

It has been revealed that a tag system similar to Tekken Tag Tournament will be in the story mode of the game. You can perform combos by tagging out but it will deplete a meter in the lower left/right of the screen.

Also teammates may enter or leave battle at the end of the battle. Not quite sure if this will be in the multiplayer but I’m sure it will.

Below are new gameplay mechanics for the game:

  • -game feature dizzy: getting hit into walls makes you dizzy.
    -game feature guard impact: opponent will fall during guard impact.
    -game feature instant impact: when opponent attacks during guard impact.
    -armor bar: keep blocking, bar becomes red, and eventually blue.
    -soul impact: attack until opponent’s health meter is red, then make opponent block -or- you can initiate with a guard impact.
    -soul impact: when opponent is soul impacted, enter the heavy finish command to execute.
    -soul impact: performing soul impact is a victory, regardless of circumstances.

Details for the Create a Soul Mode:

  • -custom characters: complete freedom for use of parts, color change, and cloth combinations.
    -custom characters: body build and muscle are also adjustable, there’s a 100 levels of modification.
    -custom characters: you can change fighting styles and abilities.
    -custom characters: 50 character slots.
    -custom characters: use parts obtained and equipment bought; you can build ninja looking characters.
    -custom characters: you can edit 20 parts of the character, you can also change voice depths, also equip parts on existing characters.
    -custom characters: adjusting both structure and muscle build makes appearance change more visible.
    -custom characters: appearance and voice can be modified at will.

Famitsu also got the scoope on a new mode called Soulless Tower:

  • -soulless tower mode: a one player mode, the goal is to reach the top.
    -soulless tower mode: each level has treasure chests filled with goodies.
    -soulless tower mode: opponents have the ability to swap out while fighting players.
    -soulless tower mode: you can choose multiple CAS [Create a Soul custom characters] or existing characters, CAS may be the key to victory.

All I can say is I want this game now.

Source: Cheap Ass Gamers Forum via 1up

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