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Published on June 27th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Sony Announces Life With Playstation

Kaz Hirai announced “Life with Playstation” today. This service will show you the Earth and from there you can access current news and weather from around the globe.

You can pull up articles from the headline and set background music while browsing.

This thing reminds me of Google Earth but it sounds pretty cool and looks good as well. I hope they integrate this with the Earth visualizer they have now. I wouldn’t mind looking at the Earth’s weather update in real time if they could pull it off.

Life with Playstation 1Life with Playstation 2Life with Playstation 3Life with Playstation 4Life with Playstation 5Life with Playstation 6Life with Playstation 7Life with Playstation 8Life with Playstation 9Life with Playstation 10Life with Playstation 11Life with Playstation 12

Source: Dengeki Online via Kotaki

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