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Published on June 4th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Captivate 08: Street Fighter IV Guile and Abel Trailer And Info

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Street Fighter IV Guile and Abel Trailer

Another beautiful stylized trailer feature Guile and newcomer Abel. Seeing these kind of trailers make you wish the game had more of these elements in it but what they have done with SFIV is good as well.

SFIV arcade versions are done but the console versions are getting extra content. Extra characters will be exclusive to the console versions, bonus levels like the barrel or car smash from SFII and animated endings done by a famous anime studio but they did not mention who though.

For the fighting purist out there they Capcom confirmed that arcade perfect controller will be available when the game drops possible having a version of game that will come bundled with the controller.

Street Fighter IV is looking great but I still hope they don’t abandon characters from Third Stirke for the home versions of the game. I would love see characters like Dudley, Ibuki, Elena and Motoko appear in this installment.

Also the lack of favorites like Cammy or Sakura has me a bit worried too but I think they will find a way to try and please everybody.

Source: Kotaku

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