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Published on May 23rd, 2008 | by Daniel David

Soul Calibur IV Screens Of Ashlotte, Shura And Setsuka

Soul Calibur IV is the fighting game I already know that I am picking up day one. These screens are showing off the new characters Ashlotte, Shura and SCIII returning character Setsuka.

I like Setsuka better with black hair.

Ashlotte Concept ArtShura Concept ArtSetsuka Concept ArtSoul Calibur IV Ashlotte Screen 1Soul Calibur IV Ashlotte Screen 2Soul Calibur IV Ashlotte Screen 3Soul Calibur IV Ashlotte Screen 4Soul Calibur IV Ashlotte Screen 5Soul Calibur IV Ashlotte Screen 6Soul Calibur IV Ashlotte Screen 7Soul Calibur IV Setsuka Screen 1Soul Calibur IV Setsuka Screen 2Soul Calibur IV Setsuka Screen 3Soul Calibur IV Setsuka Screen 4Soul Calibur IV Setsuka Screen 5Soul Calibur IV Shura Screen 1Soul Calibur IV Shura Screen 2Soul Calibur IV Shura Screen 3Soul Calibur IV Shura Screen 4Soul Calibur IV Shura Screen 5Soul Calibur IV Shura Screen 6Soul Calibur IV Shura Screen 7

Source: Gamersyde

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