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Published on April 21st, 2008 | by Daniel David

Not Enough Time For Gears Of War 2 Demo

Joining the no demo list is Epic’s Gears of War 2. In an interview with Shacknews associate producer Tanya Jessen gives us the reason why:

The reason being that it’s been such a fast turnaround. A two year production cycle, for a game of this caliber, is really short.

Our focus is always on putting out the best possible game we can. Whenever you do a demo, you have to basically ship a whole separate product. As far as our plans after we ship, I can’t really speak to that.

I does sound a bit like they are rushing to me which I hope is not the case. Gears of War 2 is going to sell anyway and it will probably be even better with then the first but it would had been nice to get taste though.

I’m sure we can all agree that we want to play this now so bring on the game when its done, no demo needed this time.

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